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When owning a pool or spa, it cnavarre pool cleaning servicesan seem like the chores and upkeep are never-ending. From skimming for debris, to changing chemicals, to cleaning tile, it can be almost overwhelming. Not to mention the occasional repair work. But, there is good news! Splash Pools is ready and willing to take on all the cleaning and repair work, no matter the size! We serve Navarre and the surrounding areas for pool cleaning and repair.

Here is a list of offerings and descriptions to make choosing a task or schedule easier:

Residential Services

Not every customer will be able to stick to the same cleaning schedule. That’s why we offer unlimited options for schedule routine maintenance to keep your pool in perfect condition the entire season. Among these choices are weekly, bi-weekly, and even daily cleanings. This would include cleaning the tile and walls, vacuuming, skimming the surface, emptying the baskets for the pump and skimmer, cleaning the filter, and testing the water and adjusting any chemicals. Some customers actually choose bi-weekly or monthly cleaning anavarre pool cleanings an alternative to shutting down their pool in the off-season. Some customers also choose to skim and clean their pool themselves so we do offer chemical-only schedules to take care of the hazardous materials.

Commercial Services

We have the resources to take care of any size pool, including commercial operated facilities. The maintenance plans are very similar to those for residential owners with strict adherence to all state guidelines for commercial use. As always, free estimates and quotes are available to ensure you’re getting topnotch service.

Storm Clean-up

Living in Florida, we know all too well the toll that massive storms and hurricanes can take on our property. The last thing anyone wants to worry about after a tropical storm is cleaning the pool. So we offer our services to come and help clean away debris, fix any damaged equipment, and bring pools back to proper working order.

Repairsnavarre pool cleaning

Buying a pool or spa can often be a big investment. Using a expert, reliable company for the routine maintenance can go a long way to protecting that investment for many years. But accidents can happen. Luckily, we are equipped to handle any repair needs that may arise, such as gas and electric heater repair, filters and pumps, wiring, lighting, electrical equipment programming, chlorine, and salt system repairs.

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