• Top 3 Reasons Your Pump Keeps Shutting Off

    Owning a pool means having lots of fun in the sun but it also means keeping up with Pool Service in Navarre!

    The pool pump is a very important part of your swimming pool. It pushes the pool water through the filter to catch debris and keeps a circulating current in your pool which reduces the risk of pesky green algae!

    There are few reasons why your pump will shut off. Let’s learn the most common reasons!

    High Demand

    Because we’re in Florida, on the hotter of days your pool pump may shut off simply because it can’t get enough electricity. This may occur when too many people are powering their air conditioning, swimming pools and any other devices at the same time!

    If this is seems to be the reason you’ll have to wait to turn on your pump until power is back. Just to be sure, give Splash Pools a call and we can diagnose your pool! (850) 549-5315


    Speaking of heat, your pool pump can get hot! If it’s overheating you’ll need to call in a Navarre Pool Expert to investigate and get the issue fixed for you.

    For safety reasons many pool pumps are designed to shut off if they begin to overheat. The pump uses thermal overload switches so if your pump keeps shutting off it could be because these switches are going bad.

    We don’t recommend troubleshooting an overheating pool pump without a professional. Call (850) 549-5315 and we’ll happily give you a hand!

    Bad Parts

    Another top reason a pool pump keeps shutting off is if it has incorrect voltages. The pump runs off of a motor that requires electricity! If you have a new pump or pool, your pump might be wired incorrectly or loosely!

    In the case your pump turns off a few seconds after turning it on you might even have a bad capacitor. Capacitors regulate the amount of power the pump gets and can go bad with age. We can check just to know for sure!

    Trust In Splash Pools

    When your pool breaks it needs to be repaired immediately to ensure that your water quality is maintained!

    Trust the Pool Service and Repair Experts at Splash Pools to diagnose and repair your pool quickly and efficiently.

    Call us at (850) 549-5315 today!

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